something broken can be fixed again right ?

 a car - need to be crumpled , being knocked here and there just to reshape it , make it become new brand car

a rusted metals - need to be scratched by a sandpaper . in order to become polished and shine again

a damp cloth - need to be dried under the hot fiery sun . just to wear it again .

something that happened  may seems bad , but Allah knows better . everything that He made to happen is always just for a blessings .
perhaps we hate something while that 'something' is good for us and perhaps we loves something while it is bad for us .

" bro , sis , Allah tak zalim , cuma kita yang kurang sangat nak sangka baik baik dengan tuhan "


You have no choice but to go through life and take whatever comes. Good or bad. You’ve had so much bad. I don’t want to see you run away from something that could be good.
— Claudia Connor, Worth the Fall 


MasyaALLAH .


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